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He’s a former MVP winner. But he tied for the 2nd fewest TDs thrown in a single season of his career last year.

He was top 15 in passing yardage last year. But that was his lowest total since 2010. 

He has Peyton Manning-esque leadership qualities. But his team’s in Atlanta failed to make the playoffs the last 4 seasons. 

This is the never ending back and forth happening with Colts fans as they prepare for the 2022 season with Matt Ryan under center. It’s the beauty of training camp and preseason play, because it makes fans turn from confident to worried and back faster than any other time of year.

Do I think Matt Ryan is the best QB the Colts have had since Andrew Luck? Yes.

Does that mean the Colts are a lock to win the AFC South and you should bet the house on it? No.

That’s not how this league works. Anybody not named the Los Angeles Rams has something to prove this season (and even they want to prove they can go back to back).

All that is to say that it’s fair to ponder which Matt Ryan the Colts are getting in 2022.

Will it be a career rejuvenation for Ryan with upgrades at nearly every position around him compared to his final year in Atlanta? Or are Ryan’s best days behind him and the Colts are stuck with another retread QB?

We turned to the always insightful Sean Salisbury to get an idea of what quarterback the Colts are getting in 2022. Plus, Sean spoke to us on:

  • where Ryan ranks among QBs in the AFC South
  • how the media covers sports in bigger markets
  • the chances for the Colts to win the AFC South
  • why the Colts should take the Texans seriously in Week 1

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