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(00:00-03:28) – Greg Rakestraw is back with another edition of Soccer Saturday and opens up today’s show by briefly previewing a historic night tonight for the Indy Eleven, updates you on the status of the latest goal keeper addition that the boys in blue made, and previews the conversations that he will have with today’s guests.

(06:30-18:41) – Head Coach Mark Lowry of the Indy Eleven makes his scheduled appearance during the second segment of today’s show to explain what he’s taken away from the team’s recent struggles that last two matches against Miami FC and Pittsburgh, explains why the team brought in goal keeper Sean Lewis, and takes a brief dive into tonight’s opponent in Detroit City with limited time to prepare for the club.

(21:42-31:10) – Newly signed goal keeper Sean Lewis of the Indy Eleven joins Greg Rakestraw on Soccer Saturday to explain what went through his mind late last week when the two sides were coming to an agreement to bring Lewis to Indianapolis, if any of his friends or family have reached out yet for tickets to tonight’s match, and how he went from playing soccer in Michigan to playing in Austrailia.

(34:12-45:07) – Midfielder Ella Rogers of the Indy Eleven W League joins the program to explain what brought her to Indianapolis to play with the Indy Eleven, how this level of soccer compares to collegiate soccer at Xavier University, and what the environment has been like for a first year team with the post-season nearing.

(48:07-57:03) – Greg Rakestraw closes out today’s edition of Soccer Saturday by sharing some news and notes from the Unites States Women’s National Team along with the Premier League.