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Indianapolis – Colts Defensive Coordinator is a finalist for two different jobs, the Jaguars and the Bears. While the Colts were a top 10 scoring defense in the NFL this season, the quarter by quarter breakdown leaves a lot to be desired.


JMV asked his listeners whether or not they think it is better for the defense if Eberflus gets a Head Coaching job elsewhere, and one opinion was almost unanimous.



With the fans and JMV on one side he decided to ask “Kevin and Query” co-host Kevin Bowen whether or not he thinks a fresh face is a good thing:


“Yes I am feeling the same. Eberflus has instilled a culture that the defense has bought into and they stop the run on a routine basis, I put a majority of the turnover numbers on Darius Leonard and his individual playmaking though… I looked this up earlier today but they have either 9 or 10 1st or 2nd round picks on that defense. That is a huge, huge number and yet you continue to be extremely poor in the 4th quarter, the lack of ability to disrupt the timing whether it be pass rusher or corner back play has continued to be an issue so I think some flesh blood would be good.”


Even though Chris Ballard would love to keep him and several other teams are seriously considering him to be their next Head Coach, it seems like many Colts fans would like to see something new after numerous 4th quarter collapses and video game like stats from opposing QB’s.


If you missed any of JMV and Kevin Bowen’s conversation, listen to the full podcast below!