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Indianapolis – With the Colts season ending on what is possibility the worst way to end a football season, Colts fans everywhere are beyond upset about everything they saw in the final 2 games. Frank Reich’s play calling, Carson Wentz’s play, the offensive and defensive lines failing, and the lack of explosive offensive playmakers have all been pointed to as weakness of the team. The man that put everything together is GM Chris Ballard and Kevin Bowen joined JMV to discuss whether or not his team building philosophy has flaws:


“Chris Ballard has drafted well at certain spots, but not at the most impactful positions in today’s NFL. Roster depth is all fine and well but at the end of the day over the course of now 3 years you have been an average football team because at the positions that really matter you don’t have the Pro Bowl level talent.”


Colts fans have heard a lot of different stats being thrown out over the last couple days whether it be 98% chance to make the playoffs after the Cardinals win over the most Pro Bowl players of any team in the NFL but at the end of the day, the team just didn’t have enough when it was time to clinch your spot.


Jim Irsay promised to fans that there would be change this offseason, with Carson Wentz under contract and some key members of the team becoming free agents, fans will wait with baited breath to see what is done so that the Colts can make the playoffs in 2022.


If you missed any of JMV’s thoughts on how to rebuild the roster, listen to the full show below!