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Indianapolis – Former NFL Coach for over 25 years and current Colts Radio Analyst Rick Venturi joined JMV as he always does for a “year in review”. Rick gave his thoughts on everything pertaining to the 2021 Indianapolis Colts including his thoughts on the defensive scheme, if Carson Wentz has the ability to be the QB of the Colts long term, if Chris Ballard has built this team incorrectly, and what needs to be done this offseason to push this team over the top and an AFC contender.


JMV asked Rick his thoughts on the way Chris Ballard constructed the roster, focusing inside and moving out:


“We have a very good roster if you go to all 53 guys, the bottom of our roster is better than a lot of teams and that is indictive in how good our special teams players are. Chris has done a great job on that 3rd day in the draft, those undrafted free agents and our special teams is as good as there is in the league. The problem is when you get past Jonathan Taylor and Darius Leonard you lack the playmaking ability to change games. We have so much money tied up on guys that play inside the box. You have Nelson, Leonard, Buckner, Kelly, Smith, and Stewart all playing in the box. It sounds good when you say you want to build inside to out but I learned this in 1982, the NFL is a game that is won and lost on the edges and the perimeter. One of the biggest reasons the Cincinnati Bengals are playing this Saturday is because they passed on (LT) Sewell and took (WR) Chase and he’s put on a show for them this season.”


When the Colts traded for Carson Wentz in the offseason, Rick Venturi was on board and thought that reuniting Wentz and Reich could produce elite results. After a season that ended in disaster with the QB playing as poorly as he has all season, should the Colts bring Wentz back make another move?:


“A franchise can make a mistake. Evaluating people via draft, trade, or free agency is not an exact science. We all make mistakes. But the biggest mistake any franchise makes, $15 million dollars not withstanding, is to make the 2nd mistake which is living with the 1st mistake. To me, you make a hard decision and right now I would be leaning towards going a different direction.”


If you missed any of Rick Venturi’s conversation with JMV, take a listen to the full interview podcast below!


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