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INDIANAPOLIS – It’s been an annual plea from those that watch the Colts on a routine basis—Kenny Moore deserves Pro Bowl consideration.

If you watched the first three drives on Sunday, you know why.

Kenny Moore gave the Texans no hope on Sunday, forcing two first-quarter turnovers to break any potential optimism that the home team was trying to create.

“(Moore) set the tempo early with the interception and then a fumble,” Darius Leonard said after the 31-0 victory. “You saw the energy switch from there.

“I don’t think he’s getting enough credit right now.”

Moore isn’t a household name around the NFL, at least not to the point that he should be.

That’s held him back in receiving such notoriety when it comes to Pro Bowl voting, or other league-wide accolades.

Sunday was such a great example of how Moore carries himself professionally.

Playing in front of one of the least intimidating road venues you’ll ever see, Moore was locked in on the very first play of the game.

With Tyrod Taylor scrambling to his right and looking for an easy completion to start the game, it was Moore making a play on the ball to snag the pass attempt, and get two feet down for the INT.

The Colts offense followed by taking that short field and turning it into 7 points.

On the next possession, the Texans were once again looking for a high-percentage completion.

They accomplished that, but it was Moore channeling his inner Darius Leonard by punching the ball out of Pharaoh’s Brown arms. Xavier Rhodes recovered to cap the second Moore turnover.

Just two series into the game and the smallest player (5-9, 190) on the field had already made his presence more than felt.

This is Moore

Fundamentally sound. Dependable, yet also versatile. And ready to find the ball if you are going to test him.

“I think Kenny Moore is a Pro Bowl player,” Frank Reich said bluntly after the shutout. “We think he’s the best corner in the league. Best nickel (corner) in the league.

“He just understands the game. He makes plays and he’s consistent.”

And it’s time for those around the nation to acknowledge the type of player that No. 23 for the Colts is, week in and week out.

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