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Indianapolis – The Pacers once again were the victim of a late non-call resulting in a loss after Chris Duarte went up for a layup with 3 seconds left. Indiana fell to the Hawks 114-111. Head Coach Rick Carlisle made sure to not say anything that resulted in a fine, but made it clear that he wasn’t happy with the no call on Duarte.


The NBA 2 minute report was released Thursday afternoon and confirmed Rick Carlisle’s thoughts that Chris Duarte should have been going to the free throw line with 2 shots and an opportunity to put the Pacers up 113-112 with 3 seconds left.


JMV has had enough of NBA officiating and ranted about it to start his show on Thursday:


“Last night the Pacers got incredibly screwed over. You’re gonna say ‘well if you hadn’t put yourself in that position for that to happen to you’ and I don’t know what coach from 1940 first said that but he can kiss it. The jack wad can kiss it. That is called coming back from a deficit, that is a flow of the game thing, and that is just one of the more egregious non-calls I’ve ever seen. Everyone on TV saw it, I saw it sitting on the other side of the court, and the 3 people that are supposed to see it didn’t. There’s a reason why the late great Slick Leonard said ‘Hey Tony, pack your bags and get the hell out of here’. That was toward Tony Brothers and there’s a reason, it’s because Tony Brothers sucks. He has, he does, he will, there’s no way around it. He was so disconnected in the 1st half Myles and the Pacers bench had to tell him they were in the penalty and were supposed to be shooting free throws. I don’t know if directly he was supposed to be the one making that call against Duarte but he’s the crew chief among them and he sucks.”


JMV spoke for many Pacers fans as the frustration continues to mount that calls verified by the 2 minute report the next day have cost the Pacers key wins as they try and put their season back on track. Listen to the entirety of JMV’s rant against NBA officials below!