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Has the Indianapolis Colts defensive core been perfect? Absolutely not. Has it been disruptive? You sure bet.

Matt Eberflus and the defense has had their shining moments, embarrassing stretches, and everything in between. They weren’t kidding though during training camp when they answered the team’s takeaway goals for 2021.

“We want 40,” Khari Willis told me at the media tent on a steaming day at Grand Park.

How does 25 sound through 11 weeks?

Pretty damn good to us. 25 takeaways ranks the Colts at the top of the league; Just one ahead of the Buffalo Bills. That sounds even sweeter.

When you set a goal as lofty as 40 takeaways, it takes a full and entire team effort. There’s no time for individual accolades with that kind of marker on the bulletin board. The most ever was 67 by the Chicago Bears… in 1935.

That’s a bit out of reach. But why can’t the Colts pick up 15 takeaways over the next six weeks? Look at what they have in front of them. This defense is cooking with gas and you still have to see the Houston Texans and Jacksonville Jaguars again.

The complexion of the defensive backfield also completely changes with T.J. Carrie back in the picture.

Carrie is never going to win any defensive player of the week awards, and he’s not going to get a lot of praise nationally. But he is just simply rock solid; A guy every NFL team needs.

The glue guy.

George Odum’s interception was monstrous, but Carrie is about as smart a football player as you’re going to find. Especially with Julian Blackmon out for the year and Willis progressing, getting him back is huge.

So what says you Colts fans? Can the Blue and White get to 40?

It’s going to take a lot of making QB lives miserable for the rest of the year after Thanksgiving dinner.

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