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Now that’s what we’re talking about baby.

You want it, they did it. The Indianapolis Colts have avenged their loss in Buffalo, New York from this past January in the playoffs and defeated the Buffalo Bills 41-15 in dominant fashion.

When I was doing The Fan Morning Show at the time with Kevin Bowen and Marc Dykton, I was critical of Frank Reich at times for his play calling. As much as I like and respect Frank, it frustrated me to no end when they did not give Jonathan Taylor the ball when he was hot.

When you get away from the run and your team mantra is “Run The Damn Ball’ that really doesn’t go over well.

Today, that was different. 35 total touches for JT.

Here are my feelings on that.


1) If You Can Silence Josh Allen, You Can Shut Down Anyone

There should be no excuses the rest of the year; Nor should there ever be excuses.

For the rest of the way, the Colts will have it burned in their minds that they took down arguably one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL and made him look silly with a couple picks.

Back in January, Allen earned his money. But he never really did anything that blew the Colts away. He made the simple plays, attacked in a smart way, and won a playoff game. The Colts beat themselves in the playoffs.

Today of course, that was not the case. Allen was neutralized and Reich has himself a win in his old stomping grounds.

When you think about it for the rest of the year, of course next week features a matchup with Tom Brady. I don’t mean to ruffle any feathers, but it’s a showdown against the greatest of all time. Brady doesn’t have the intangibles anymore that are like Allen. He’s smart. But if you can beat Allen, you can crush Brady.

On Christmas, Kyler Murray is going to be trouble. But same thing, with how the defensive core has been of late especially without Julian Blackmon and Khari Willis, why not the Colts?

2) Bobby Okereke Should be in the Same Realm as Darius Leonard

Another week, another explosive performance by Okereke.

Leonard got PAID during training camp, and deservedly so. In a very quiet but violent fashion, Okereke is doing some serious work from the linebacker spot. Seven more tackles today and six of the solo variety. That led all Colts defensive players.

Okereke has the vision, physique, speed, and intelligence to be one of the best linebackers in the entire league. There’s a reason why Jim Irsay singles him out when he talks about team leaders.

Also, how about eighth in the league in total tackles? This dude is legit.

3) Keep the Money Badger Cooking

I’m sure Rodrigo Blankenship is a nice guy. I mean the man is friends with Ric Flair. That’s pretty cool.

But when it comes to making field goals, Michael Badgley made all of his Sunday in Buffalo.

That’s not something Blankenship can say from January.

Harping on the negatives when it comes to Blankenship isn’t fun, but when a guy gets hurt in the NFL is when someone likes Badgley is able to do wha they do.

Badgley more than likely wouldn’t be kicking right now if Blankenship didn’t have the Baltimore fiasco. Thus is life in the NFL. It’s a business. Even Reich knows that.

For as long as Badgley is hitting, you keep him as your kicker. And so far it’s been nothing but net for the Blue and White’s kicker.

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