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One of the first things most people think about when you hear someone mention the Baltimore Ravens is toughness. Since 1996 when the Ravens were founded, it’s a characteristic that they look for in all of their players. Former Colts and Ravens offensive lineman Joe Reitz joined the Dan Dakich Show Wednesday and reiterated that.

“That’s the culture that’s in that organization. When they started that organization, Ozzie Newsome is a tough as nails GM, and then you draft Ray Lewis who is tough as nails. When I played there for two years, you felt that in the organization. We might lose a game, but we aren’t going to get out toughed.”

The Colts have shown the ability to play tough this season, but not on a consistent level. Reitz identified that in order to beat a team like Baltimore, then the Colts have to be the tougher team come Monday evening.

“You got to bully them, and I will be watching the trenches just like I always do, but especially Monday night because it’s going to come down to who can bully who. They’re going to try line up, run the ball down your throat, and with Lamar Jackson coming off the edge. Both teams are going to try and do the same thing, who’s going to win out on Monday night is who will come out on the right side of that ball game.”

Being the tougher team in a general sense is something that teams always discuss, but what exactly does it mean and how can someone tell as to who is being the tougher team? During their conversation on Wednesday, Dan asked Reitz those exact same questions.

“Watch for the offensive line, and at the end of the play, are they across the line-of-scrimmage or are they back? So when you snap the ball and trying to run an inside zone or up the gut, is the d-line knocking you back or are you knocking them back. Then watch at the end of the play. When you finish the play, is the pile moving forward from running back churning and the offensive line churning, or are they getting hit and going backwards.” Reitz responded.

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