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This is a very hypothetical type article. But it’s a conversation that probably needs to be manifested sooner rather than later.

The Indianapolis Colts are banged up. There’s no denying that. Even before training camp started the Colts were banged up.

It feels like a position right now where the Colts were probably born injured.

Aside from Carson Wentz not being able to stay healthy, the next biggest concern has to be Quenton Nelson right?

Foot, ankle, back, you name it, Nelson is fighting through some pain this year. But this isn’t the first time this has happened and it most definitely won’t be the last.

On The Dan Dakich Show, DD celebrated a very peaceful and positive Colts Victory Monday. (At least that was the case for around 20 minutes). But we had POSITIVITY from Noon to 3.

The conversation came up on if the big guard keeps on getting hurt, would it impact the chances that Chris Ballard would want to make him the highest paid offensive lineman of all time?

Nelson is on injured reserve and is set to miss at least three weeks. Could it be more? If so, that’s bad news and here’s why.

“Nelson is a big fat guy that can’t move and I’m a big fat guy who can’t move and you know what hurts the most,” DD questioned. “My back. Big guys with back problems don’t have that just go away. It’s never good. Bad backs don’t get better unless you’re not big. Jeff Saturday is probably walking around happy as hell. I think Nelson is terrific and he’s got a few weeks, but we’ll see.”

We definitely joked about the situation. But one more big injury for Nelson, and he could be in trouble.

Let’s say Ballard actually goes through with it and eventually does not pay Nelson.

Chris Reed looked fine on Sunday, but he’s obviously not a long term solution. He couldn’t make it as a starter on Carolina Panthers.

It is intriguing though that Jonathan Taylor had his best day running behind a line that did not feature Big Q. When Nelson does get back, we’ll have to see if the run game benefits in a big way with him fully healthy.

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