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Free Agent WR Josh Gordon recently was cleared by the NFLPA to return to play after going through a NFL-monitored treatment program and is awaiting approval by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. If he is deemed able to return by Goodell, should the Colts take a look at the talented but troubled WR?

JMV tackled that topic in the opening segment of his show on Wednesday and while he is a documented proponent of bringing in anyone and everyone to the WR room, he wasn’t keen on what Josh Gordon would be able to bring to the table for the Colts:

“To me, this team doesn’t need another WR who probably won’t be good to go for another two weeks. You don’t need another WR you can’t count on, you have to be able to start counting on these guys. That’s why you drafted them and have this rooted belief of, we’re going to grass roots this thing and build from the ground up and sign our own. That’s why you don’t put a priority on free agency and trying to reel in Sammy Watkins or someone like that.”

During the Chris Ballard era the Colts have rarely brought in WRs that they haven’t drafted. With TY Hilton on Injured Reserve would the Colts go against their recent history and bring Gordon in? Only time will tell.


If you missed any of JMV’s thoughts on the Colts upcoming matchup vs the Rams, listen to the full show podcast below!