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You read that correctly.

In what has felt like the longest off-season in the history of this side of the Mississippi, we are almost at the point of hearing helmets clash together again.

The pads will be on, the days will be long, and the grind will begin again.

Think about it.

Since losing to the Buffalo Bills in January, then the retirement by Philip Rivers, followed by an absolute dead period, then the trade for Carson Wentz, the NFL Draft, and now an elongated summer, this has challenged our patience.

Patience is a virtue though. And we are here; Grand Park in Westfield is the place to be.

Of course, everything that the Colts accomplish this year will start with Carson Wentz. Will it all finish with him though? That’s the question.

The Athletic’s Stephen Holder said it best on The Ride with JMV Tuesday afternoon. As much as we’d love to have the “Run The Damn Ball” mentality always be in effect, Wentz must make some superstar plays.

“We’ve said over the last few months that all the Colts need is for Carson Wentz to not screw it all up and then it will be on autopilot,” Holder said. “If you want to be a wild card team then sure. But if you’re trying to win something then he has to do more. And that’s something we need to recognize.”


Now that’s a quote, and it’s the straight up truth.

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