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INDIANAPOLISWe are inching closer and closer to the 2021 NFL football season.

It’s time to pick back up our ‘burning questions’ series on

Here are our burning questions at the quarterback position heading into the 2021 Training Camp:


1. How Different Will The Quarterback Playing Style Be With Carson Wentz?

You would think pretty stark.

While Carson Wentz and Philip Rivers both played under Frank Reich, they are vastly different quarterbacks in their respective playing styles.

Expect the arrival of Wentz to open up Frank Reich’s RPO part of the playbook, with the running element from the quarterback position never being tapped into last year.

From a pass game standpoint, Rivers was much more of a quick rhythm passer.

Yes, the Colts will want some of that from Wentz, but they also will want to tap into his bigger arm and willingness to throw the ball down the seam, along with testing some things outside of the numbers.

It’ll be interesting to see how the playbook and play calling changes with Reich now dialing things up for Wentz.

The Colts know they need to reign in Wentz’s erratic play from last season, but they also acknowledge that his bigger play talent cannot be ignored.

STAT TO NOTE: In 2017, Carson Wentz led the NFL in quarterback rating, working with Frank Reich.


2. Will Jacob Eason Secure The Backup Job? 

The Colts will be giving Jacob Eason every opportunity to be QB2 this season.

In letting Jacoby Brissett move on (something Brissett wanted), the Colts then chose not to sign a veteran quarterback in the offseason.

While they did draft Sam Ehlinger in Round 6, it will be Eason taking the vast majority of the second-team reps in camp, and the preseason.

The staff has been pleased with the behind-the-scenes growth from Eason.

But even they can’t predict how Eason will handle his first real action in the NFL.

If Eason bombs in the preseason, the Colts are confident they can go out in late August and find a viable/experienced backup to Carson Wentz.

STAT TO NOTE: Since starting as a true freshman at Georgia in 2016, Jacob Eason has played in only 16 games over the last 4 football seasons.


3. Do We See A Rookie Play Package For Sam Ehlinger?

With Philip Rivers under center last season, the Colts needed another option for quarterback sneaks.

That was the highly successful Jacoby Brissett moving the chains.

Brissett’s package evolved into a bigger role as the season moved along.

In 2021, the Colts have a QB in Carson Wentz who should be just fine in handling the sneak responsibilities, along with being a more regular threat with his legs.

Still, if the Colts wanted to explore a short-yardage package in 2021, they could with rookie Sam Ehlinger.

Now, Ehlinger isn’t some freak 4.4 40-yard dash guy.

But he is 220 pounds and ran 4.8 at his pro day. At Texas, Ehlinger ran for 33 touchdowns, averaging 138.5 rushes per season, in his 4 years as a starter.

Would the Colts really want a rookie QB, who isn’t some ‘keep you up at night’ athlete, to be used in such a role this season?

We’ll have to see, as the Colts have mentioned they are definitely open to the idea of Ehlinger being utilized in such a package.

STAT TO NOTE: Sam Ehlinger was just the 7th two-time captain in the history of Texas Football. He won 27 games at Texas, which is the 4th most in school history.