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INDIANAPOLIS – As much as the physical aspect to Parris Campbell’s NFL life has not cooperated, he’s really focused on the mental side of things heading into Year Three.

Physically, Campbell is back in the right spot.

He received full, 100 percent, clearance from his injured PCL/MCL two weeks ago. That’s allowed him to participate with Carson Wentz and the offense during this two-week period of players in-town for work.

But mentally—making sure that things between the ears are not clouded with the injury history that is the elephant in the room—is where Campbell is particularly locked in on right now.

“The biggest thing for me is going into this season and not thinking about those things,” Campbell says. “Then I feel like you play timid, play nervous.”

We know the injury history of Campbell.

If/when healthy, Campbell is an unquestioned unique piece for Frank Reich’s offense.

However, Campbell suiting up has just not been reliable.

Since September of his rookie season, he’s caught balls in just 3 total games. In that same span, the Colts have played 28 games.

Campbell’s NFL resume has him missing 23 of 32 possible games.

The Colts though remain bullish on Campbell trudging through this injury plagued start to his NFL career.

They believe in the mental fortitude of Campbell overcoming a handful of injuries that has forced him to miss this time.

Looking for a change of mojo entering such an important season, Campbell decided to take advantage of the NFL relaxing jersey number restrictions this year.

Gone is No. 15.

In is No. 1.

“Just needed to be in something new, a fresh start,” Campbell said of the jersey change. “I think it looks fast on the field. Hopefully it’ll be fast for me.”

Speed has never been an issue for the 4.31 40-yard dash Campbell.

As much as his mental focus here in his third NFL season is important, it is Campbell’s body that leaves everyone wondering what could be.

Are we about to find out?

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