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DeForest Buckner, Grover Stewart, Kwity Paye, and Dayo Odeyingbo. Imagine being a quarterback and having that four horsemen group coming at you.

Yeah, no thanks.

Paye and Odeyingbo are the new additions, and they’re gearing to go. Indianapolis Colts rookie mini-camp starts this weekend. And the NFL season is just around the corner.

Both rookies will bring their own flare to the game-wrecker defensive line. Odeyingbo, who jumped on The Ride with JMV Thursday, is going to soak up every opportunity to learn from the vets next to him.

“It’s exciting because obviously you want to play with great players,” Odeyingbo mentioned. “To be on the field with them, learning parts of their game and being part of that defensive front is something I’m excited for.”

The only issue here is that Odeyingbo has a torn achilles.

The repercussions of that type of injury are not what they used to be thanks to advancements by doctors and rehabilitation. But it’s definitely a calculated risk to take the former Vanderbilt QB rusher.

Will we see Odeyingbo on the field in 2021?

“That’s the hope,” he said.

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