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When the dust was first settling, not a ton of folks were fully on board with two straight defensive end picks in the 2021 NFL Draft.

The Indianapolis Colts got their guys. And Chris Ballard told us why.

The left tackle situation will be resolved. Like, it literally has to be.

At some point that is.

For now though, the defense continues to be locked and loaded.

Kwity Paye and Dayo Odeyingbo will be haunting AFC South quarterbacks for years to come. And quite frankly, with the Jacksonville Jaguars scooping up Trevor Lawrence, it might not be a bad idea to double down on the D-Line.

Bill Polian liked the Colts draft decisions too. He called into The Fan Morning Show on Tuesday to share his thoughts with Jeff Rickard and Big Joe Staysniak.

“I think they did a great job,” Polian said. “The two defensive ends are an absolute need. And the Tampa 2 defense has been a staple for the Colts for 16 years. We all know that the most important people are the front four. It doesn’t work without the rush players up front. DeForest Buckner is one of the best in football, and the others are getting older. So there was a need to add more, which Chris Ballard did.”

Take it from the guy who originated this whole thing.

If he digs it, then we’re on board too.

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