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Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Zach Pascal still thinks about that January playoff loss in Buffalo.

So much so that it fires him up. Pascal knew just how much potential was in that Philip Rivers led Colts team.

And now that he’s back in the fold for 2021, Pascal won’t be letting that happen again on his watch.

As last year went on, Pascal became one of Rivers’ favorite targets. With just two touchdowns in the first 13 games of 2020, Pascal finished the campaign with four in his last four contests.

That included a massive score against the Bills.

On The Ride with JMV Thursday, Pascal detailed just how much that defeat still stings.

“I’m using that loss as motivation and I won’t lie I’m not over it,” Pascal said. “It is what it is. But I’m using that as fuel to not allow it to happen again.”

Pascal is already getting to know the tendencies of his new quarterback too.

Don’t forget, Rivers didn’t arrive to the 317 until the middle of last summer. Pascal is already working out with Carson Wentz.

Don’t sleep on this wide receiver core, especially when they are getting these reps so early in the off-season.

“If I don’t believe I can do it then who else will believe in me,” Pascal added. “I have been running with that while grinding and working. I’m not letting anyone put a ceiling on my head and am working hard.”

This isn’t the Pascal of old that was gunning to just make the special teams unit.

If the camaraderie of Wentz and his weapons that is already building carries into the regular season, the Blue and White will not be the team to mess with in the AFC South.

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