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Segment 1 (00-02): Greg previews today’s show guests, Jeremiah Gutjahr and Aidan Liu. Coach Martin Rennie will join the show for segment 2.

Segment 2 (06-16): Indy Eleven head coach Martin Rennie joins Greg to talk about this week’s newly signed players. Rennie speaks on local product Jeremiah Gutjahr, and how he envisions him developing here in Indy. Also, Rennie discusses the importance of the local college programs in the state. Later on, coach breaks down what new comer Aidan Liu brings to the club. Finally, Greg asks Rennie about the value and expectations going into open tryouts this weekend.

Segment 3 (19-30): Local product, the Bloomington native and IU grad, Jeremiah Gutjahr, calls in to talk about signing with the Eleven. Gutjahr explains how excited he is to be playing professionally so close to home. Then, Gutjahr talks about his college days, and the influence his dad had on him as a professor at IU. Next, the midfielder speaks to his relationship with the Eleven coaching staff.

Segment 4 (33-44): The newly signed Aidan Liu joins the show. Liu opens with speaking on his career so far, and how excited he is to be back home. Next, Liu explains how he learned he was going to the Indy Eleven. He talks about how much playing time was an incentive of moving here. Later, Liu discusses how he has meshed with his new teammates in the off season. Finally, Liu describes his expectations for a successful first season in Indy.

Segment 5 (47-56): Greg takes a look around local soccer this week. Then, he moves out to the Premiere League lack of matches, because of seven teams competing in the FA Cup. Finally, Greg turns his attention to the Champions League quarterfinals draws that resume on Tuesday.



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