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If you were driving into work this morning and had ESPN’s national programming on 93.5 and 107.5 The Fan, you heard a pretty steamy take from former New York Jets General Manager and now analyst Mike Tannenbaum.


Now to be fair, everyone is entitled to their opinion and it’s honestly a little refreshing to have some different judgement on Carson Wentz other than hearing Frank Reich talk about how much of a generational player he was from 2018.

This was stretching it a bit though. To say that a player like Trevor Lawrence, who hasn’t even been drafted into the NFL yet, is going to have a better year than a guy like Wentz, back in his comfort zone with Reich, is an interesting take.

But again, Tannenbaum said it with confidence. He even dropped by later in the afternoon on The Dan Dakich Show and addressed what he claimed earlier in the day.

“My point was sometimes we get ahead of ourselves on guys like Wentz,” Tannenbaum said. “Ballard and Reich have done a good job on building a solid roster. But the AFC South is a really tough division. When you give up multiple high picks like the Colts did, you’re saying this is your quarterback of the future. And when you draft those four quarterbacks (Tannehill, Watson, Lawrence, and Wentz), I would take Wentz last.”

What does the media and the world need more of anyway? People who back up their point.

Tannenbaum was not phased. He made the claim in the morning, and he stuck with it by the afternoon. Good for him.

But for real, let’s hope that doesn’t turn out to be true or else that’s probably going to be bad.

Really really bad.

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