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INDIANAPOLIS – Michael Pittman is used to playing for different quarterbacks.

That was the case for him in his 4 seasons at USC and it is now the case for him in his first two NFL seasons.

Listening to Pittman though and you won’t find frustration with that. He is quite eager to have heard the news that Carson Wentz is coming to quarterback the Colts.

“We get a guy who is young, mobile, arm strength, a guy who led his team to a Super Bowl and a guy who is proven. I’m super excited, super jacked,” Pittman said when appearing on FOX Sports Radio over the weekend.

Appearing on the show ‘Up On Game’ with hosts LaVar Arrington, T.J. Houshmandzadeh (who trains Pittman in the offseason) and Plaxico Burress, the young Colts wideout fielded a mix of questions about his first NFL season now catching balls from Wentz.

Pittman received a call from Wentz last week and liked what he heard. Pittman, who got to California last week and will be training there this offseason, said Wentz is planning to come out to California this spring, and the two will then work together. Pittman added that the two reached a mutual agreement that Wentz will not be taking his jersey No. 11.

When pressed about some questions regarding Wentz’s leadership in Philadelphia, Pittman acknowledged that the new quarterback will have to prove it through his actions.

“I think he’s a stand-up guy,” Pittman says of Wentz. “I don’t know anything about him. But I don’t want to judge him before I even meet him. He’s going to have to show me who he is. I think he’s going to be a great guy. I expect that from him.

“He’s looking for a fresh start. I just can’t wait for him and I’m happy that he can re-start his career here and help us win games.”

For Pittman his individual goals for Year Two have already been stated by him.

He wants to double his rookie stats (40 catches for 503 yards and 1 touchdown).

He wants more than 80 catches, more than 1,000 yards. If he reaches those numbers, he’ll be the first Colts wideout to achieve that since T.Y. Hilton in 2016.

With Hilton’s future in Indy up in the air, Pittman says he has to train like he’s going to be the definite go-to guy moving forward.

While it sounds like Pittman wants (and will) keep his No. 11 jersey, he is one enthusiastic guy ready to build a new on-field rapport.