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When it comes to the Indianapolis Colts quarterback rumor carousel, JMV said it best on Thursday afternoon.

“I let everybody know that over the next week 90 percent of everything we talk about is going to turn out to be complete BS,” JMV mentioned. “But it’s worth your time and effort because everyone enjoys a spirited conversation about this.”

The first example of this statement is the Matthew Stafford deal. We talked about him for weeks. And well, that didn’t really work out too well.

Some have been on board with Sam Darnold. Others maybe Matt Ryan. Or even Carson Wentz.

The thing with all of those guys is the Blue and White will potentially need to give up the 21st overall pick. But according to Ron Jaworski, the Colts reportedly have made an offer for Wentz.

So, what do you say? Too much or just right?

If the Eagles truly believe that Wentz is worth a first rounder or even two, they have to realize eventually that teams aren’t lining up out the door to offer that type of return.

Chris Ballard needs to act as soon as possible.

Partly because you don’t want what happened with Stafford to occur again; But also if/when Deshaun Watson gets traded, that deal is going to impact and change the NFL QB trade market forever.

If Stafford is worth two first round picks by himself, what is Watson worth?

Let’s say that Watson brings in the haul that we have been speculating, suddenly the price to get a guy like Wentz would be on another planet.

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