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The musical chairs game of quarterback possibilities for the Indianapolis Colts isn’t stopping anytime soon.

One day it’s Matthew Stafford, the next it’s Carson Wentz, and now maybe it’s Sam Darnold. Mike Garafolo from the NFL Network compared this year’s trade rumors to a card game.

And every team right now is putting on their best poker face.

Is Darnold leaving New York actually more than just a rumor though? The kid is only 23-years-old. He’s been treated terribly since being drafted third overall in 2018. And he’s gotten zero help whatsoever from his coach and front office.

However, on The Dan Dakich Show Wednesday, YES Network reporter and our good buddy Michael Grady said the concept of running Darnold out of The Big Apple isn’t really popular with Jets fans.

“It’s an interesting situation because most Jets fans are hoping that he is not moved,” MG said. “If it’s a thing where they bring in Deshaun Watson, then he can go ahead and get out of there. But to say that they would move on from him and get a veteran in return or a new draft pick, they don’t want to see that.”

Darnold coming to Indy would be like Willy Wonka giving his chocolate factory to Charlie Bucket.

The guy would be absolutely loaded here. For the first time in his career he would have an offensive line, deep threat weapons, a packed back field, and a coach who knows what he’s doing.

“(New York fans) don’t feel like Sam has failed the Jets,” MG added. “They feel like the Jets have failed Sam.”

Darnold is younger and surprisingly still less beat up than Wentz when you look at his injury history.

If one thing is for sure, we have not seen Darnold’s true potential yet with a legit and capable team around him.

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