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It really is simple for Jim Irsay and the Indianapolis Colts.

You go out and do what is best for the organization right now; That is to pull off a trade with the Detroit Lions for Matthew Stafford.

Irsay had one of his always insightful press conferences on Wednesday and answered a wide variety of questions. Maybe the most important topic was the future of the quarterback position.

On The Ride With JMV Wednesday, JMV made it short and sweet.

“To me it’s easy because you just need to go make your best offer for Stafford,” JMV said. “Jim is still talking about winning multiple Lombardi Trophies. In the same sense he mentioned that it doesn’t have to happen right now. But it really does because there is a sense of urgency and at some point all of this talent that you put together is going to fade away.”

Dealing for Stafford will probably require the Colts to let go of their first round pick. If that happens, they more than likely don’t get the superstar left tackle of the future. At least not from the draft.

It’s kind of like the expression that you hear in the Major League Baseball playoffs. Many managers go by the strategy that you should do everything possible to win that night’s game and then deal with the repercussions tomorrow.

Take care of the task that is directly in front of you. For the Colts, that’s addressing who will be QB1.

“The Colts have done a really good job at dealing with the salary cap and leaving themselves some wiggle room to do some things,” JMV added. “You have the means to do this. The DeForest Buckner trade was was one of the best in recent memory. Trading those valued assets that Chris Ballard normally hates to part with; I mean the hell with that. You did it last year at #13 with Buckner and it worked fantastically. Go out there and do it again.”

The ball is in your court Mr. Irsay.

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