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The Houston Texans are a mess right now.

So much so that they may be running their franchise quarterback out of town. Deshaun Watson seems to be about done with the organization, thus the trade rumor train is heating up to start 2021.

Where could Watson end up? Whatever team it is certainly will not pay a cheap price.

We’re probably talking multiple first-round picks and some game ready talent too. This is part of the reason why JMV is putting to bed any Watson to Indy rumors early. On The Ride with JMV Monday, he told his listeners that the Colts just can’t compete with other clubs who may be in the running for the star QB.

“Watson would be a dream scenario,” JMV said. “Part of the issue is the Colts don’t have enough draft capital compared to what others have. You can also consider that since the Texans are in the same division it won’t happen. If you’re looking at a team like the Dolphins, they have draft choices and the flexibility of trading Tua Tagovailoa.”

A city can dream right? Watson in Frank Reich’s system would be incredible.

It’s just a bummer that the chips probably won’t fall in the Blue and White’s way. But what Indianapolis should be thankful for is they are in better shape than the Texans. From what former Colts quarterback Dan Orlovsky said on ESPN this morning, the Watson situation is no doubt more than meets the eye.


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