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INDIANAPOLIS — Parting words from now-former Indiana Pacers’ player Victor Oladipo.

Oladipo was part of a massive trade deal involving four NBA teams last week, in which the Pacers have sent Oladipo to the Houston Rockets and in return, they are getting a second-round draft pick and forward Caris LeVert from the Brooklyn Nets.

LeVert will be out indefinitely though after having failed his physical. A mass was found on LeVert’s kidney during the physical.

Oladipo, who has been with the Pacers since the 2017 season, came to the Pacers along with Domantas Sabonis from the Oklahoma City Thunders in exchange for Paul George. He played his college basketball at Indiana University.

His full message to fans:

There are so many thoughts that have gone through my mind the past few days. I am a professional, and I have been through this type of scenario a couple of times in my career, but this one is hitting me a little differently. So as I try to process all of this, I find myself going through a wide range of emotions. But the one emotion or feeling that I keep coming back to is gratitude. I am just extremely grateful right now … grateful to still be able to make a living playing the sport I love. Grateful that I still have the opportunity to achieve greatness at the highest level of basketball. But I’m deeply grateful of my time spent in Indiana and the in the city of Indianapolis.

Indiana has become my 2nd home ever since I first stepped foot on campus in Bloomington and became a Hoosier. The love and support I received there helped mold me into the player, and more importantly, the man I have become today. This was just amplified when I returned as a Pacer. You guys were there through it all, the ups and downs, and for that I am eternally grateful. I’m also extremely thankful for my teammates of the last 3 years and Pacer Nation, who helped and watched me grow into a two time All-Star.

As I stand at the beginning of a new chapter in my career I just wanted to tell you that I will never forget the love, passion, support, and encouragement I received from the people of Indianapolis and all of the great business and personal relationships I have built there and throughout the Hoosier state of Indiana.


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