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The Pacers-Knicks rivalry was born in the ’90’s and has been well-documented. 

It lives on even to this day. 

Whenever the two get together it still has a little extra meaning for the “Hicks” to beat the Knicks

Knicks legend and current head coach of the Georgetown Hoyas, Patrick Ewing, stopped by The Dan Dakich Show on Monday to reminisce about the rivalry back in the day. 

Dan had to get Ewing’s thoughts on Reggie Miller’s legendary 8 points in 9 seconds performance at Madison Square Garden

“Now look just because you’re in the great state of Indiana doesn’t mean you gotta bring that up,” Ewing said to Dan laughing.

“I still get mad at Reggie Miller for that. And then they made a 30 for 30 about it. I couldn’t believe it.”

It certainly was a great rivalry throughout the decade, but why did it work so well?

“It was because we mirrored each other. They had the Davis boys. They had Reggie. We had myself, we had Oak, we had Mace. Y’all had McKey, y’all had pretty good point guard in Mark Jackson. We mirrored each other.

Very true. 

The Pacers were like the bizarro world Knicks and vice versa. Plus, obviously the small-town vs. big city narrative. 

It was like a Hollywood script. 

But Ewing couldn’t let Dan go without getting in his true thoughts on those Pacers teams. 

“We mirrored each other, but I thought we were a lot tougher than you guys, though. We had that guy Charles Oakley. He could take care of anything.”

Wonder what Reggie Miller would have to say about that. 

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