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(00:00-02:05) – In the short opening segment of today’s edition of Soccer Saturday with Greg Rakestraw, he previews who you will be hearing from and some of the latest news that he will touch on throughout the show with his guests.

(05:07-17:23) – Head Coach Martin Rennie is back in his weekly time slot to go over how crazy of a match it was on Wednesday against St. Louis FC despite it being a 1-1 draw, breaks down the only goal his team scored from Neveal Hackshaw, and what kind of Sporting Kansas City II team he could potentially see on Wednesday night with it being their last game of the season.

(20:24-35:57) – SiriusXM’s Jason Davis follows Rennie to get his thoughts on whether or not Major League Soccer was able to expand their reach since there were more televised matches, why the MLS has not come out with a full schedule like other soccer leagues have, and why people are becoming more excited about the United States Men’s National Team.

(38:58-52:06) – Marian’s women soccer coach and former goal keeper coach for the Indy Eleven in Gary Yohe returns to this program to explain how many matches they will be playing between the fall and spring, how COVID-19 has impacted the NAIA tournament, and what it’s like to have such a talented two sport student-athlete in Erin Oleksak.

(55:07-56:10) – Greg Rakestraw wraps up this edition of Soccer Saturday by thanking all of his guests for joining him today and tells you which English Premier League matches he will have his eyes on this weekend.

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