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(INDIANAPOLIS) — You’ll have to wear a mask to go see the Colts. And the team has announced other restrictions to keep fans safe during the pandemic.

The Colts announced last week they’d allow just 2,500 fans for the home opener a week from

Sunday. Those fans will be seated in pods — if you buy a group of tickets, your group can sit together, but you’ll be distanced from everyone else, and required to sit in your assigned seat.

The first eight rows of seats will be closed off.

Team spokesman Steve Campbell notes Lucas Oil Stadium is a million-square-foot stadium. With

attendance capped around 4% capacity, he says there’s plenty of room for proper social


The Colts will take your temperature when you arrive, and tailgates in the three team-controlled parking lots aren’t allowed.

The Colts will go three weeks between home games after hosting the Vikings and Jets on September

20 and 27, and Campbell says some restrictions could change. He says the state of the pandemic

remains fluid. But the team has already announced a no-cash policy at concession stands and the

Colts Pro Shop will continue throughout the season. If you don’t have credit cards or a payment app,

the stadium will have two machines where you can buy a debit card.

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