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As training camp draws near, NFL teams have the added burden of making sure their players stay healthy amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

Kevin Bowen sat down with Mike Wells and Jeff Rickard on The Fan Morning Show to discuss how the Colts can ensure their roster remains vigilant heading into the season.

“Frank Reich’s gotta talk about Lou Williams and company,” Bowen said. “You can’t be ignoring the elephant in the room, and you need a lot of guys to behave. You need your veterans to make sure that they’re holding players accountable across that 90-man roster. So I think there is some off-the-field behavior sort of parts of meetings that you need to go over and you need to harp on because Lord knows there are some thirsty individuals out there.”

Lou Williams made headlines on Sunday after the NBA announced he must quarantine for a 10-day period after being seen at a strip club in Atlanta late last week. He will be forced to miss two regular season games.

Williams’ night out is a prime example of what not to do during the current public health crisis as teams gear up to resume play.

Mike Wells took things a step further, asking Kevin which current Colts player he thinks would be most likely to “pull a Lou Williams”.

“That’s a great question”, Bowen said. “I would say in years past, Ahmad Bradshaw might’ve been one of the first in line…Some of those young defenders I would put high on that list.”

“You don’t know who’s got a girlfriend and who doesn’t have a girlfriend and does that matter? And, boy, if I say a name I might be hearing about it. Some of those young defensive players. I could see them getting out of line a little bit and maybe thinking they were a bit invincible.”

After some more encouragement, Wells finally got a couple names out of KB:

“I’ll go [Kemoko] Turay…[and] Matthew Adams, he was the other one that I was thinking about.”

Bowen did soften the blow by suggesting that the Colts’ “high character, self-motivated guys” are relatively low risk in terms of out-of-line behavior compared to the rest of the league.

“Maybe this is the ultimate curse, but, I mean, the Colts are a really well-behaved football team…over the past few years.”


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