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Parris Campbell’s rookie season was quite eventful, but for all the wrong reasons. The talented Ohio State product suffered a hamstring injury, underwent sports hernia surgery, broke his hand, and fractured his foot all within a five-month period last year.

Campbell, who was drafted by Indy with the 59th overall pick in 2019, expects to produce at a high level for the Colts going forward. He joined Friday’s Dan Dakich Show to talk about the impact those aforementioned injuries and setbacks had on him.

“For me to go through my playing career never dealing with serious injury, never having surgery, never doing any of that stuff…it hit me hard,” Campbell said.

“It pulled me away from the game, something that I love. It put me in a dark place mentally. It put me in a dark place emotionally…I think in that moment is kinda where I had my lowest point of my life…I had to make the choice whether I was gonna take the situation head on or was I gonna run from it.”

Campbell has persevered and is now preparing for a breakout sophomore campaign; he figures to be Philip Rivers’ go-to slot target. Campbell acknowledged that he’s been working on the mental aspects of football while in quarantine, making film watching a top priority.

“Film has been everything…not having access to weight rooms and gyms and the facility and stuff of that nature,” Campbell told Dan. “I think this is the perfect time for everyone to just hone in on the mental aspect of the game. [Putting] in the film work, studying plays, keeping your nose in the playbook. I think it’s a huge time for this, and I’ve been at it nonstop so it’s been good for me.”

Now for the question every Colts fan wants the answer to: Is Parris Campbell back to full health?

“I’m 100%,” Campbell said. “I’ve been 100% for about two months now so everything’s good.”


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