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The Indianapolis Colts have had one of the most active offseasons in recent memory. GM Chris Ballard’s ‘build through the draft’ philosophy was supplemented this year by some key acquisitions, namely Philip Rivers and DeForest Buckner.

How big will their contributions be right away? Are they a good fit for the Colts’ offensive and defensive schemes?

Former Colts DB Darius Butler answered these pressing questions and more on The Ride with JMV.

QB Philip Rivers

“[He’s] somebody whose proven and I think has a couple more years left in the tank.”

Butler believes the playmakers around Rivers will determine his success. The offensive line’s ability to pass protect will go a long way, too.

DT DeForest Buckner

“Trading that first round pick to get him I think is gonna pay huge dividends for not only the d-line, but that entire defense.”

“So when you get a guy like [Buckner] who can play just as well in the pass and rush game…you get that pressure up the middle of the pocket that wreaks havoc on quarterbacks. If you have a defense that you’re playing majority zone schemes [in], the biggest thing you need is to be able to generate a pass rush out of that four-man rush.”

“You saw the recipe with the 49ers…rush four guys and drop the other seven back in coverage. That’s priceless for a defense, that style of play. I think it’s a great fit for DeForest and the rest of the defense.”

CB Xavier Rhodes

“Has a big chip on his shoulder…former All-Pro. I think he’ll help Malik Hooker out a lot.”

“He’s gonna come in and surprise a lot of people this year. [There’s] not gonna be as much man-to-man stress on him…He knows how to play the different zones, [especially] coming from Mike Zimmer, a great defensive coach. I’m excited about the fit.”

TE Trey Burton

“I think Trey Burton was a good signing, too. He’s an athletic guy that can do a lot. He’s pretty good in the run blocking game.”


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