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The Colts 2020 offseason is shaping up to be one of huge importance.

One box was already checked with the return of Anthony Castonzo. Now, they have to figure out what they’re going to do at the quarterback position.

Stephen Holder of The Athletic joined JMV on Monday to discuss his thoughts on the upcoming free agency, what the Colts could do at quarterback, and how Jacoby Brissett is feeling about the quarterback rumors swirling.

Holder’s thoughts on the “reports” of the Colts being interested in veteran quarterbacks in free agency may surprise you.

“I’m still not 100% sold that something is going to happen. I’m not talking about the draft. I’m talking about free agency,” Holder told JMV.

“The messages that I’m getting from the people on the inside are a whole lot different than the people on the outside.”

Of course he is referring to the reports during the NFL Combine that it is looking like Philip Rivers to the Colts is likely to happen.

While some Colts fans will be elated to hear Holder’s thoughts on that, they may be even more disappointed to hear his beliefs about what Chris Ballard will do at other positions in free agency.

“I still don’t see the Colts being one of the teams to jump out day 1 (of free agency) to sign Amari Cooper…I think the talk is going to be more exciting than what actually transpires, yes,” said Holder.


All this money and it still very well could be a splash-free offseason.

The main talk surrounding the Colts so far in 2020 is what to do at quarterback, obviously. So, how is Jacoby Brissett handling all that talk?

“Don’t sit here and think that Jacoby Brissett is not paying attention to what’s happening,” Holder told JMV.

“He’s a human being. And if any of us were in the situation that he’s in, we’d have our head on a swivel, right? He’s well aware. Trust me. He’s well aware. That I know for a fact. How is it affecting him? I don’t know that it is necessarily. I mean he can’t control it. And he’s the starter until he’s not the starter so there’s nothing to really sweat about right now, but I wouldn’t say that Jacoby Brissett is oblivious to this stuff.”

March Madness is shaping up to mean more than just college hoops around the Colts facility.

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