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Jim Irsay held an almost impromptu press conference on Sunday at the Colts complex to talk about why the Combine should stay in Indianapolis, Anthony Castonzo’s future, the quarterback position, and of course…

Andrew Luck.

Kevin Bowen hopped on The Fan Morning Show with Jeff & Big Joe to talk about the Colts owner’s thoughts from Sunday. What stood out to him the most?

“I would say the newsiest item was Irsay using the phrase ‘strong likelihood’ that Anthony Castonzo comes back. We know full-well how massive of a decision that is for Castonzo wanting to play football still in 2020 and beyond,” Bowen told the guys.

It’s been close to two months since the Colts cleaned out their lockers after their season ended. That’s when Castonzo mentioned he has to think about his future in playing football.

Like Kevin mentioned during the interview, one would think that we would know something by now if he was going to retire.

Then again after last August Colts fans are conditioned to surprises.

The most important question and topic of conversation from Irsay’s press conference was what are they going to do at quarterback.

“I firmly believe all options are open. My gut says something notable will happen at the quarterback position, but again, Irsay, Ballard, Reich, they do think there is more potential inside of Jacoby Brissett,” Bowen said.

When Bowen talked about “notable” at quarterback could that possibly include something involving Andrew Luck?

It very well could in Jim Irsay’s eyes.

“Then the elephant in the room of Andrew Luck. Irsay went out of his way to mention that, even though Chris Ballard says last month that we all need to move on and accept that Andrew Luck is retired, Jim Irsay is not moving on. He is still leaving this door open. He still mentioned that Ballard and Reich have had dinner with Luck. Again, nothing of substance on that front. Irsay says that he hasn’t even asked Luck the question of if he wants to come back, but Irsay has got the most hope you could ever imagine when it comes to Andrew Luck and possibly playing football again.”

Irsay is like The Great Gatsby standing at the end of the dock every night looking out to the green light that is Andrew Luck returning to football.

Hopefully for him, and all Colts fans for that matter, this story ends better than Gatsby’s.

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