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No one knows the hectic nature of May more than IMS President Doug Boles! Doug joins The Fan Morning Show live to breakdown what goes into the month, expanding the track presence with additional events, and what to expect with the Grand Prix. 

On preparing the speedway for May:

“We are still scrambling [come May 1st&#93, because it’s an outdoor venue so something always comes up or falls apart that you don’t expect becauae it’s gone through the winter. The team will be here until midnight, one o’clock just making sure we are set for tommorrow and then back at six. It is a constant battle to keep up with stuff. It’s a thousand acre facility so you just don’t know what’s going to go wrong with it.” 

On guaranteeing spots in the field for full-time teams: 

“Part of what makes the Indy 500 special is the fact that it isn’t guaranteed. It’s a conversation we will have in the offseason. There are lots of constituencies that you have to take into consideration. Not just the fan side, but you got drivers, sponsors, and teams that all sort of have a different view of it. If I have 100 percent of the vote, I would say we leave it alone. That’s what makes us special.”

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