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Kevin Bowen joins Jeff and Big Joe on the Fan Morning Show to talk about the latest news with the Indianapolis Colts with what is happening in offseason signings and mini-camp updates.  Corner backs Pierre Dasir and Kenny Moore both signed extension deals this offseason so all defensive starters are returning next year.

What grade would you give the Indianapolis Colts organization in this offseason?

“I would give them I guess an A maybe an A-, I don’t know.  I’d say if you don’t have any catastrophic injuries in the spring I’d consider that a win.  Obviously the additions of Justin Houston and Devin Funchess help you out in two areas that I would have had very high, probably the top of the priority list for the offseason.  We will see just how much impact you get from the rookie draft class.  I don’t think they are in any dire need to get a whole lot from them early on.  But yah, considering the continuity you bring back, the help of your roster, I would put them right up there with an A.

Why have the Indianapolis Colts made so many extension deals this offseason?

“Yeah when you talk extensions we talk Kenny Moore, Anthony Castonzo, Eric Ebron and those types.  But those three excel at their position right up there with anybody in the NFL.  So I think that is Chris Ballard sending a message to his locker that if you work hard we will reward you.  I think it’s very notable and I figured this out yesterday, the Colts have extended 5 other guys this offseason on 3 or 4 year deals.  You mentioned those three but Sanchez and Rhodes and Moore in the last couple weeks.  And then Mark Glowinsky and Pierre Dasir earlier this offseason.  All of those guys are either waiver claims, practice squad signing, undrafted free agents.  None of them were household names when they came to Indianapolis.  So I think that is major kudos to the Colts scouting department and especially, something we lose sight of, is the development that the Colts staff has done.  That was such an important piece for Chris Ballard, moving on from Chuck Pagano.  I thought the previous staff did not do a good job developing young talent and clearly the staff now has already done a good job developing guys that were not household names a year or two ago.”

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