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It’s finally July. Training camp is mere weeks away, folks. Episode 145 of Kevin’s Corner takes a high-level look at the reasons why the Colts will meet lofty 2019 expectations and goals, and reasons they might not reach those Super aspirations. Then, Kevin spends 40 minutes answering any and all of your Colts Twitter questions. 

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On The Addition of Devin Funchess

“I think that’s the missing ingredient in this offense – Having that number 2 wide receiver…you pay Devin Funchess $10 million for a reason. I firmly believe for this offense to be one of the best in the NFL, Devin Funchess has to deliver for you. Because he does. He has a unique skillset that you don’t, and really haven’t, had in this offense for quite a while.”

On Andrew Luck’s MVP Odds

“If you’re going to have a bye in the playoffs, and you’re going to make a super bowl run, Andrew Luck has to have an MVP type of season. I think the pieces are in place to have that be possible from the sense of another year in Frank Reich’s system, probably on paper the best skill players he’s had around him, and obviously the offensive line situation. I think Andrew Luck being 1, 2, or 3 in that MVP discussion is key.”

Will free agents not visit Colts because of how they pay market value only?

“I think Ballard is willing to pay. The problem is you have to meet the highest standards of probably any GM in the NFL. So that certainly makes that pool of free agents he is willing to pay very small. But he gave Devin Funchess a nice contract…so maybe a player, if you have the right type of player, which obviously Ballard wants to attract, that player might look at it as ‘wow the Colts really think that highly of me? He doesn’t hand out that much money to just average players.’ That’s one way to look at it. Now, I would say the majority of NFL free agents probably look at it like ‘screw them. They don’t think I’m worthy of that contract?’ I would guess that’s how most of the free agents think…I do think that what we will continue to see with Ballard going forward is he’s going to pay for the select few, and besides that he’s going to try to retain his own.”