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Look I get it. Comparing yourself to an American sports and pop culture icon is a bold, bold move for a Monday (anytime). 

However, the similarities are pretty undeniable. Could we be…siblings?

Instagram story of Joey Mulinaro

Trust me, anyone with blonde hair always gets compared to other people with blonde hair (even though Rapinoe has purple right now, but that wasn’t always the case). 

I’ve gotten them all. Ivan Drago. Owen Wilson. The Carmax Guy?

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard “Hey you should go as Donald Trump for Halloween” I’d probably have enough money to be president, too, and my fiancé wouldn’t have to be embarrassed to tell people what I do anymore. 

Pretty rough. 

Growing up I never thought I’d be cool with “you look like _________ (girl)!” But if there’s ever been a time, and a woman, for a 25 year old man to be compared to, it’s now and it’s Megan Rapinoe. 

Can’t complain. 

Let’s compare: 

Hair – the style is nearly identical. All I’m missing is some purple dye.

Jaw line – Rapinoe gets the upperhand in this one. Not very fair, though, since she has to run like 15 miles a day for her job. 

Athletic ability – her hitting the nae nae at the parade alone should give you your answer. 

SI Cover – I got my picture in the IndyStar once in high school. 

I’m definitely the flameout-brother-trying-to-be-an-influencer who our family is obviously way less proud of, but to answer the original question – yeah, I think we could be siblings – or at the very least cousins. 

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