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Alexander Rossi joins The Fan Morning Show with Jeff and Big Joe. Alexander talks about his experience from his first race and how he has grown from then, and how it helps him in racing today. Rossi also talks about the competition in racing and how mistakes from him and other racers are rare. Knowing your car and being on the same page with your engineer is a big deal. Rossi then talks about the physicality of racing on different tracks within the circuit and how each one is different.

On what’s different now than Rossi’s first circuit:

“I think now just my general knowledge and appreciation and understanding of the series. When I came here in 2016 it was a super last minute deal. I had signed a contract with Andretti Auto Sport about a week in a half prior to the first race. So, it was very much a world wind kind of experience from then on out obviously. Capped off with the 100th running of the 500. It was all meant to be and I am very grateful for Michael and Bryan Herta that gave me that opportunity going on four years now.”

On Physical demands of Iowa Ovals compared to Indy:

“Indianapolis is the easiest track from a physicality stand point. The reason for that is the straights are so long and the corners aren’t that tight so, there’s not a lot of G loading that goes into your body and into the car. Indianapolis is terrifying first of all and it’s such a long race that it’s easy to make a mistake because of the mental fatigue. Iowa is seven eighth of a mile versus two in a half miles. There’s almost 20 degrees of banking versus seven and we have four or five lateral G’s that go through your body. Iowa is probably one of the hardest tracks we go to just because of the retentiveness of it.”

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