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The light at the end of the NFL-less world known as the offseason is just about here. Training camp starts next week. 

It’s the last episode of Kevin’s Corner before training camp begins next week at Grand Park for the Colts. On Episode 147 Kevin makes his predictions on a few over/unders, gives his list of the Colts facing the most pressure, and we answer your Twitter questions. 

Beers with Bowen II:

“We have a date now for Beers with Bowen, the second version. It will be Wednesday night, August 28th. I’m guessing we’ll shoot for a similar time, I want to say 6:30 for last Beers with Bowen. Not 100{5dd8c7b63a028b9b3d9631c150841b4edbdaa573473167044a48eb9cc9fbf1fb} sure on a location yet. Feel free to tweet if you have any ideas on a location or just any general suggestions about what you liked or maybe didn’t like about the first one we had. That is August 28th, it’s the night before the final preseason game. It’s going to be a really fun night.”

On Anthony Castonzo pressure:

“I don’t think there’s a bigger drop-off from starter to backup on the roster than Anthony Castonzo at left tackle. I didn’t even need to see the first 5 games of last year to have said that. Those obviously reiterate the importance of having Castonzo in your lineup because hes so reliable and consistent and really, really dependable.”

On Andrew Luck Meeting Expectations:

“The time is now for Andrew Luck to live up to some of those individual expectations that were setout for him when he came into the league. He’s healthy with the labrum, he’s in an unbelievable offensive system, he’s turning 30 years old in September so plenty of prime years ahead of him, but as I’ve said, it’s time for Andrew Luck to be an MVP annual in that conversation mid-to-late December in a year in year out basis. I think that’s very fair to put that pressure on him. Now, everything around him is as calm as it’s ever been. It’s time to flourish.”

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