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What an absolute special night on Indiana Sports Talk!  Last Friday, we celebrated 25 years of IST with Greg Rakestraw as your host navigating through all the recorded voices from around the state of INdiana that have worked or contributed over the years and then Bob Lovell reacting to each one.  We even had a few affiliates give congratulations! 

Big thanks to Adam Alexander, Andy Zirkle, Chris Denari, Coach Frank Reich, Dan McGowan, Howard Kellman, JMV, Joe Staysniak, Joel Brantingham of WKBV in Richmond, John Montgomery of WNDI in Sullivan, Mark Jaynes, Matt Hicks, Matt Surface, Matt Taylor, Michael Grady, Paul Condry, Ralph Reiff, Rebecca White of WSLM in Salem, Rob Rupe of WIOU in Kokomo, Russ Maloney, Scott Uecker, Thad Vandeventer, Tony Donohue, Vince Welch, and Walt Ferber of WITZ in Jasper.