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Gregg Doyel joins The Dan Dakich Show to discuss the Colts. Dan asks Gregg if he feels like the Colts need Andrew Luck to be successful. Gregg goes into the players he feels like have been camp stand outs this year. Gregg also answers the question of whether or not he thinks Adam Vinatieri’s job is in jeopardy.

“Will Andrew Luck be the starting quarterback week one of the NFL season this year?”

“I mean that’s tough right? We really have no idea I mean I can guess but I really have no idea what I’m talking about. The fact that I really have no idea what to say, that alone is pretty scary. You’ve got to combine both injuries now and take into account everything that he is saying. Frank Reich has said that he was only going to get fifteen or twenty snaps all of preseason. Seems like a low number and obviously you don’t play your starters a lot in preseason anyway. Do you really want to put you franchise quarterback out there during preseason after he had his shoulder surgery two years ago? If he can’t get in the game during preseason, I mean those are the training wheels. Do you just play with the training wheels off? This has become damn near just as weird as his shoulder thing two years ago.”

“People are talking about how Luck wasn’t even throwing this time last year and that is just simply not true. He practiced this time last year.”

“Yea people are confused and I really don’t blame them. It’s kind of like ground hog day, it’s hard to tell one year from the other with Luck. I love Andrew but it’s hard to tell because it was two years ago that he wasn’t throwing at all and we all thought he would be. Of course two years ago he probably got shut down. So last year yea he was throwing and he was fine.”

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