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It’s a debate that gets Colts fans almost as fired up as Brady vs. Manning now. 

Who is better: Russell Wilson or Andrew Luck?

They both came out in the same draft. They both have had a great amount of success especially early in their career. They’re both everything you could want from a franchise quarterback. 

But still, there’s a “hot-take” reaction whenever the argument is brought up. Now, we can put it to rest (maybe?) for the 2019 season because Pro Football Focus has ranked Andrew Luck ahead of the Seahawks signal caller. 

From Pro Football Focus


“Luck may not have a better career than some of the quarterbacks ranked lower on the list, but his last two full seasons have graded at 90.0-plus (2016 and 2018) as he’s finally lived up to his draft hype. Last year showed that Luck is capable of working the short game efficiently after years of seemingly living off the big play and high big-time throw rates, but also high turnover-worthy rates while also taking far too many hits. Luck finished well above average in our accuracy metrics on 10-plus yard throws, and he ranked fourth in positively graded throws in 2018.”

Below him is Russell Wilson coming in at 6.

So there you have it. Andrew Luck is a top-5 quarterback in the league, and he’s better than Russell Wilson. 

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