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Photo by Zach Bolinger | Icon Sportswire | Corbis via Getty Images

Ian Rapoport from the NFL Network stops by to talk with Double D about the Colts, NFL holdouts Ezekiel Elliot & Melvin Gordon and which team is the most interesting team going into the season.


” Does Zeke Elliott line-up behind the quarterback week one…or does Melvin Gordon?”    

“…history has shown that rarely do these guys really actually holdout through the season, and when they do it doesn’t always end well…Le’Veon Bell was different because, you know, he knew he was going to be a free agent…so once he knew he was going to be free, it was just not a great incentive to actually show up…where as Zeke Elliott has two years left, Melvin gordon has one year left.”


“When’s Andrew Luck playing?” 

“I wish I knew the answer to that…when we saw him on the field a couple of days ago I thought he looked good…I don’t think it’s a big deal him going into a regular season without having played in the preseason – I don’t care about that…but I have not yet had anyone tell me looking good for week one…I’m sure it’s possible, I just haven’t had anyone tell me that yet.”


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