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The pre/post host for NBCSports Chicago talks all things Cubs with Double D. Can the Cubs make a run for the pennant? Will their pitching hold up? And most important – can they win on the road?! Plus, the Kapman dishes on his twitter battle with Cubs starter Yu Darvish!


“Are we encouraged because Kimbrel seems to have velocity now?”

“…yes, I love what we’ve seen the last two days from Craig Kimbrel hopefully this continues and that his knee feels good, and he’s got his velocity and his breaking stuff’s sharp…”


“Tell me (on Darvish tweets)…what happened, I love this!” 

“I’m sitting in the green room at NBC Sports Chicago waiting to do the post game show. So there’s me, Doug Glanville and David DeJesus back there. And so Doug and David said to me – because Darvish gave up 3 of his 4 homeruns (they) are on breaking balls – and they both said, take it from us, we played a combined 20-some years in the big leagues, we know when that guy is throwing a breaking ball, these guys are sitting on it…so I did some research, looked up his pitch mix and said yeah this guy’s throwing way too many breaking balls and not using his fastball enough with 2 strikes. He tweets back at me as soon as the game ends – ‘don’t know where you’re getting your stats but here’s what they’re doing on this and it’s killing my fastball’…so I had ESPN stats and information…pulls out all the statcast info and I tweet – in a respectful manner, this was all in good fun – that, hey man, here’s the numbers and you’re better when you throw your fastball some…”

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