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Tom Waddle ESPN 1000 in Chicago discusses the number of concussions he had when he played for the Bears – they were in the double digits.


“How many concussions?”

“…listen I’m not here to be dramatic…in all honesty…you’re talking certainly in double digits…and we found out over the course of time Dan, that even a momentary kind of…where you just see black for a split second – like your eyes go black – even for a split second, it’s not like you lose consciousness and I’m not a doctor…we learned over the course of time, that that was kind of a minor brain injury…”


 “Aren’t you really…with your best players trying to just get out of this (preseason) game period?” 

“yeah, this is ‘Waddle time’…guy number 48 on the roster – that’s when he goes out there and shows you that he can be a part of your roster…this isn’t T.Y. Hilton time…I’ve been an advocate for the following for a long time…you can get more done, in my humble opinion, practicing against another team for three days…”


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