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Rick Venturi is back for the 2019 season! He joined JMV to help make sense of Andrew Luck retiring, why Luck isn’t blameless in this whole deal, where the franchise goes at QB in the future and if Brissett will be the long term answer. Rick also breaks down how Brissett will be utilized this season, and the changes Frank Reich will have to make with a different QB, how Deon Cain has looked a year removed from his ACL tear, and the improved defense. Finally, for the first time ever, Rick Venturi takes your questions! Callers asked about the adjustment of the OL with a different OL Coach, if Colin Kaepernick is an option at QB, and more! 

JMV – “What do you think of both sides of this thing?”

RIck Venturi – “Yea, well, first of all, you talk about a bizarre evening. All I can say is, and looking back on it, we started the game with a tribute and cheering for Chuck Pagano and ended the night with a booing of Andrew Luck. That’s a heck of a three hour feat right there to do that. My take on it is that what we say, and we’ve seen it coming, is really, and I’m not a professional but I know athletes, I know sports, and I know pressure. To me this was a psychological meltdown so to speak. The injuries and the cumulative injuries over time have something to do with it. Last year, though, was a great year. I mean it was fun and he basically was clean and went to the pro bowl and all of that for years. Just remember Brady had a serious ACL. Marino serious ACL. Brees had what they thought was a career ending shoulder. Peyton played after a broken neck. It isn’t like this doesn’t happen. It isn’t like you’re injury free. This is a sport that’s what happens.”

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