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Michael McMann is the director of the Sports and Entertainment Law Institute at the University of New Hampshire School of Law and a contributor to Sports Illustrated. McCann discusses whether Colts fans have legal recourse for refunds on Indianapolis Colts season tickets. He also talks about Luck’s contract with the Colts.


“Let’s just say for the sake of argument people were deposed…is there anything there?” 

“If it’s true that they knew he was going to retire and that they were curtailing it, then there’s at least the outline of a fraud argument…that is relevant under state laws where there’s false advertising. But, my guess is that…obviously I have no idea…but my guess is that if the owner…if Irsay is deposed, if some of the team executives are deposed they would say something to the effect of they didn’t know he’d retire, they thought he would come back…”


“The Colts have Luck under contract for 2 years…what is the deal here?”

“…the Colts do control his rights and could convey them…it would be unlikely that a team would trade for a player who is retired…and the reason why the team controls the rights is to avoid the possibility of a player retiring, then quickly un-retiring to sign with another team…”

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