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FOX59/CBS4’s Mike Chappell takes a look at the Colts 2-year deal with Jacoby Brissett & 3-year deal with back-up Brian Hoyer. Later, Chappy turns his eye toward the season opener with the Los Angeles Chargers.

“Chappy, do you like the move…basically the 1-year extension with some money for Brissett and bringing in Hoyer?” 

“…if we do Brisset first…it’s good for both sides. It gives Brissett starter’s money, remember Frank said that we think Jacoby’s a top twenty quarterback…well this puts him at like eighteen or nineteen if you figure fifteen million a year. so that works for him, and then ya know next year maybe we’ll see…so the team it gives them, they their quarterback this year – paying him, as they should…and then, not knowing how the second year is structured – guaranteed money – perhaps you walk away if Brissett just crash and burns, which I don’t think he’s gonna do.”

“Any surprises getting down to the 53-man roster this weekend?” 

“I don’t think so…no, I think this was one of the more…followed chalk all the way because there weren’t a lot of positions to compete for…now I was a little surprised that they kept eight offensive linemen, but who’d the ninth have been? They do have an undrafted rookie for the twenty-first straight year, so a ring a bell…”

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