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Greg Rakestraw is back after taking a brief week of absence due to personal reseasons, but he will shed the light in the opening segment of today’s show on what was going on last week. Joining Greg this week is a new member of Indy Eleven in Andrew Carleton who addressed what role he will have this season with the boys in blue, thoughts on Martin Rennie, and a little bit of information about himself. During the middle portion of the show, Greg gives you a best of last week with the lineup of guests that joined John Koluder with Martin Rennie being one of them talking about the addition of Kyle Folds. The other guests who make an appearance this week is USL Championship Associate Director of Communications Nicholas Murray and MLS Writer for The Athletic in Sam Steiskal. Following the best of last week segment, Greg talks a little bit about the Premier League by discussing the latest news and shares new information tha you may not have heard about recently. In the final segment of the show Greg shares his appreciation for all of the listeners, guests that have joined, and the Indy Eleven for camp starting up. 


What’s your level of excitement from stepping away from home?…

Andrew Carelton’s response was, “I am overjoyed to be here. I am overjoyed to get out of Atlanta for the first time. I am excited to be here and play on an Indy team in an new environmentwith a new group of guys and I think it will be really good for me to develop as person and as a player. For the past few months, we’ve been trying to figure out the best situation and best place to be, but at the end of the day, I thought the Indy Eleven was a perfect place for me and a great way for me to grow as a player this year.”


Listen to Greg’s conversation with Andrwe Carelton, Premier League talk, and the best moments from last week!


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